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How to Know When it is Time to Get New Running Shoes

There are more people attempting to do something about their health and fitness nowadays. This explains why there are so many people doing things like joining the gym, yoga, and running. As part of participating in such activities, you will need to have the right gear for it. You need to especially pay attention to the shoes. Those who shall start running need to get the right pair of running shoes. Even those who have been doing so need to think of getting a new pair. You should not continue using an old pair to run all the time. You shall know it is time when you notice certain things about them.
You need to look at the mileage the shoes have covered. If you have used them to cover more than 500 kilometers, you need to get new ones. The heavier a runner you are, the faster you shall need to replace it too. The same applies to those who do trail running as opposed to those who do track and indoors. You shall easily remember when it is time to replace them by writing the date of purchase in the shoes. This way, you can refer and calculate roughly how far you have traveled in them.
You shall also know it is time when you suffer frequent muscle fatigue, shin splints, and knee pain. The old ones will have lost their cushioning. You can test its support through the twist test. You shall take the shoe in both hands and twist it. It should feel sturdy and resist the pressure. One that is not in good condition shall collapse rather easily.
You also need to check out the sole of the shoe. If the soles have lost their treads, it is a clear indication that something needs to be done. The soles of running shoes are stronger than other parts of it. One that has the soles in such poor condition only means the rest of it is much worse. This shall be a dangerous shoe to keep running in.
You may also buy a new pair at any time. When you have two pairs, you can rotate among them. This shall make it easier to know when it is time you stopped using the older one. You shall tell when you compare them.
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